Robert E. Lee Quiz

Question - Not Required - Robert Edward Lee was born on January 19, 1807 in this state:

Question - Not Required - Robert E. Lee's famous father was Major General Henry Lee III. In which war did Henry Lee gain renown?

Question - Not Required - Robert E. Lee graduated from West Point in 1829. Where did Cadet Lee graduate in the class of 1829?

Question - Not Required - Robert E. Lee and Mary Anna Randolph Custis were married on June 30, 1831 at Arlington House. Which famous American was Mary related to?

Question - Not Required - In 1861 Robert E. Lee turned down an offer to become a top commander in the Union army from this wartime leader and mentor:

Question - Not Required - Robert E. Lee assumed command of the Army of Northern Virginia in 1862. Which might be considered Lee's first major battle as the head of the Army of Northern Virginia?

Question - Not Required - "It is well that war is so terrible - otherwise we would grow too fond of it." On what battlefield did Robert E. Lee reportedly make this famous statement?

Question - Not Required - In 1862 and 1863, Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia put together a string of stunning victories over the Union Army of the Potomac. Which of the following Union commanders did not suffer a significant loss at Lee's hands during this period?

Question - Not Required - Due to the loss of Stonewall Jackson, Lee reorganized the Army of Northern Virginia into three corps in 1863. At the Battle of Gettysburg who were Lee's three corps commanders?

Question - Not Required - During the 1864 Overland Campaign, Robert E. Lee would face a new Union commander in Ulysses S. Grant. Which of the following was not a key battle of that campaign?

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