Battle of Chickamauga Quiz


Text your knowledge of Chickamauga with our online quiz.

Question - Not Required - Prior to the battle of Chickamauga, Union Commanding General William Rosecrans mistook the Confederate withdrawal from this city for a full retreat, and divided his forces.

Question - Not Required - Which future president of the United States was present at the Battle of Chickamauga?

Question - Not Required - Colonel John T. Wilder's "Lightning Brigade" was the first unit in the Federal Army to be armed with state-of-the-art Spencer repeating rifles. How did Wilder's men come to be thus armed?

Question - Not Required - Several prominent Southerners, collectively known as the "western concentration bloc" believed a greater focus on the Western theatre of operations was vital to the survival of the Confederacy. This cadre of individuals included all but which of the following:

Question - Not Required - Both Union and Confederate armies had their share of famous foreigners fighting for their adopted countries. Which of these immigrant officers did NOT participate in the Battle of Chickamauga?

Question - Not Required - In spite of opposition to the "Western Concentration Bloc," troops from the Army of Northern Virginia were sent west to assist the beleaguered Braxton Bragg. Which of these officers was NOT part of this movement?

Question - Not Required - Which of the following is NOT a feature of the Chickamauga Battlefield?

Question - Not Required - Which brigade commander, mortally wounded at Chickamauga, was also known as a poet?

Question - Not Required - Braxton Bragg's hot temper, indecision and penchant for making scapegoats of his lieutenants created tensions within the Army of Tennessee. Which of his subordinates would request a transfer just prior to Chickamauga campaign?

Question - Not Required - Troops under this Confederate cavalier were the first to encounter Union troops near Jay's Mill.

Question - Not Required - Which of the following is believed to be a "loose translation" of "Chickamauga"?

Question - Not Required - On the evening of September 19th, Bragg reorganized the Army of Tennessee into two wings to accommodate the arrival of Longstreet's Corps. Longstreet commanded the Left Wing. Which of Bragg's officers commanded the right?

Question - Not Required - As he shifted troops to protect his left flank, Rosecrans incorrectly believed that a gap existed on the right of his line. He therefore ordered the division of Brigadier General Thomas J. Wood to fill it. What did Wood do and what was the result?

Question - Not Required - Union Major General George H. Thomas would earn what nomme de guerre for his performance at Chickamauga?

Question - Not Required - With more than 34,000 killed, wounded, or missing, how would the Battle of Chickamauga rank amongst other Civil War battles in terms of total casualties?

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