Battle of Franklin Quiz

Question - Required - The Confederate offensive into Tennessee that eventually led to the Battle of Franklin was initiated by John Bell Hood after the loss of what major Southern city?

Question - Required - John Bell Hood's November 1864 invasion of Tennessee was focused on recapturing this city

Question - Required - The day before the Battle of Franklin, John Bell Hood's Army of Tennessee engaged Union forces in the Battle of Spring Hill. What made this battle so important to the Battle of Franklin?

Question - Required - The Confederate assault at Franklin on November 30, 1864 first struck an advanced position held by roughly 3,500 Union soldiers under the command of George Wagner. What impact did this advanced line have on the battle?

Question - Required - The Battle of Franklin swirled through and around many natural and man-made landmarks. Which of these was not one of those landmarks?

Question - Required - The fierce close-quarter fight at the Battle of Franklin led to the death of 6 Confederate generals. Which of these generals survived the Battle of Franklin?

Question - Required - General Patrick Cleburne, upon receiving the order to attack, told his staff that "If we are to die, let us die ______."

Question - Required - The Confederate assault against the eastern flank of the Union position faced a prepared defensive tangle made of this material

Question - Required - Despite great odds, the Confederate forces nearest the Columbia Pike were able to breach the Union main line and threatened the entire Union position. What Union colonel led a counter-charge that helped to stop this breakthrough?

Question - Required - The Union counter-attack included 350 men of the 12th Kentucky and 65th Illinois who were equipped with 1860 Henry repeating rifles. Which of the following statements is not attributable to the Henry rifle?

Question - Required - After its signal victory at Franklin on November 30, 1864, the Union army under Schofield would conduct the following operations on December 1, 1864.

Question - Required - Despite losing much of the Franklin battlefield to urban sprawl, there have been a number of battlefield preservation victories at Franklin. Which of these is not one of those recent victories?

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