Regional Teacher Institute: Antietam, Scholarship Application


The Civil War Trust Regional Teacher Institute: Antietam scholarship recipients are required to arrange and pay up-front for their own travel to and from the Regional Teacher Institute.

Scholarship recipients will be reimbursed for their travel after submitting the appropriate forms and receipts to the Civil War Trust. To receive a reimbursement, scholarship recipients must attend all sessions of the Regional Teacher Institute and provide receipts for their travel expenses or, if driving, their mileage calculation. 

Travel costs may not exceed $500, and will not include “luxury” options.  Scholarship recipients should travel as cost-efficiently as possible.  The Trust reserves the right to deny reimbursements for those travel costs it finds are relatively excessive, including but not limited to “first class” options or unreasonable travel plans.

Scholarship recipients must book their own room at the Teacher Institute location.  Their room and applicable room taxes will be fully paid for by the scholarship upon their departure.  In no case will incidentals be paid for through scholarship funds.

If a scholarship recipient cancels, all travel and hotel arrangements become their responsibility, financially and otherwise, and all cancelations regarding travel and hotel arrangements must be done by the scholarship recipient.  A reimbursement of expenses for scholarship recipients who cancel will not be awarded.

If a scholarship recipient needs to cancel, they should contact the Trust immediately at or 202-367-1861 x7223, in any case no less than 72 hours prior to the first day of the Regional Teacher Institute.


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